M.Eng. RENATO BONANNI - Consultant, Trainer, Musician


Corporates - entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, manager

· MultiOlistica Ltd - apr.‘05/today - Partner and CEO

Founder, stakeholder and CEO of this innovative consulting and training Company.
In 2005 he patented the MultiHolistic Methodology (Me.M.O.TM) that integrates business with creativity.
He has developed, sold and managed projects on: internal and external communication, advertising campaigns, marketing, corporate events, web portals, project management, market segmentation, company start up, business plan, company environment analysis, corporate organization, P&S development.
He has patented and delivered training courses and creative labs on communication, management, leadership, organization and sales for middle managers, executives and CEOs of several Companies.
MultiOlistica Ltd has numerous important Clients in different industries (telecommunication, banking, IT, pharma,  international organizations, universities, art and show business, etc.).

· Asia Consulting Ltd - oct.‘01/‘08 - Partner

CEO (until 2005) and stakeholder of this Consulting Company.

· Accenture Inc - nov.‘97/mar.‘05 - analyst/consultant/manager (executive from 2003)

Consultant with huge experience on IT, processes, telecommunication and project management.
He managed, with many collaborators, complex and large budget projects for various italian Telco Clients.
In 1998 and 2000 he was coordinator, trainer and faculty for new-hired people in Chicago.

Music - composer, arranger, multi-instrumentist, teacher

·   He plays proficiently classic and electric guitar, piano and percussions.
He’s member of SIAE (Italian Author&Publisher Society) and has written many guitar and piano tunes.
From 1987 to 2000 he managed a Music School and taught guitar, keyboards and harmony.
As leader and composer, he has played with many bands, with a repertoire varying from latin music (rumba gitana, samba, bossa nova, Andes music), to jazz, blues and rock.
Since 2005, as leader of the “Estalegal” band, he has got several music gigs.
In 2008 he wrote and recorded with the Estalegal the album “Noite brava”, with excellent reviews.
He’s featuring with Tony Esposito, Jim Porto, Ulises Passarerella and others as composer and guitar soloist.
He’s member of the “Juakali Drummers” project in Kenya endorsed by Amref and Dulcimer Fondation.

www.myspace.com/renatobonanni, www.estalegal.com, www.noitebrava.com


·  nov.‘96/jul.‘97. Responsible of the Rome Police Department Data Center (during the military service).

·  2008-9. Author of the screenplay for the italian-argentinian movie “Looking for Manuel”.


· Management. Project selling, planning and delivering (business plan, staffing, economics, scheduling, issues management). Quality Management.

· ICT. System Building&Integration (requirements, functional analysis, implementation, testing, roll out and reporting); TLC processes&systems (CRM, Network Creation, Provisioning, Delivery, Assurance, Inventory).

· Training. Expert of innovative and creative training on communication, leadership, job orientation, work methodologies and project management.

· Foreign languages. English: fluent; French, Spanish and Portuguese: basic.



·   1997/2005. Training courses at Accenture (management, communication, leadership, etc.).
1997. Professional license for the engineering practice.
1996. Rome University ‘La Sapienza’. Master degree in Electronic Engineering; thesis on neural networks.
1988. Digree of Liceo Classico (secondary school with an emphasis on humanities).
‘77/‘82-‘90/‘95. Training courses on classic and jazz guitar, harmony and arrangement.
2004-2006. Oil painting training courses.

Countries visited: Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, North and South Africa, India, Nepal.
Other interests: literature, history, cinema, photografy, mathematics, astronomy, soccer, swimming.